Free Services

Pregnancy Testing

We offer free and confidential pregnancy testing at no charge to you. We use highly sensitive, laboratory quality tests.

Limited Ultrasounds

A obstetrical ultrasound exam can confirm pregnancy after a positive pregnancy test and help you in your decision-making process.

Options Discussion

This is an important time in your life. Whether you feel good, bad, or indifferent at this moment, we want you to be fully informed of your pregnancy options.

Community Referrals

If we do not provide a service that you are in need of, then we will do our best to help you find that *service in your community. Examples of resources may include:

  • Housing
  • Professional counseling
  • Job seeking
  • Prenatal care
  • Supplemental food programs
  • Adoption services
  • STI Testing
After Abortion Care

If you are struggling with negative emotions following an abortion that occurred at any time in your past, we can listen and connect you to caring, compassionate help. You may be struggling with certain areas such as depression, anger, or substance abuse and have not considered the possible link to a past abortion. Contact our local Healing Hearts representative:

Terena Green  Phone: 734-968-8666 


Healing Hearts website:

Man2Man Program

Unsure about Fatherhood? Would you need support to be the Dad you want to be? We offer a safe place to talk through your options with other men who can walk this journey with you and help prepare you for what’s ahead. 

Other Services
Options Discussion

There is much to consider. We can help you think it through.

Our staff is ready to listen with respect and not judgement and will help you make a plan for your next steps. Parenting? Abortion? Adoption? You will receive individualized care that takes into consideration your unique situation and concerns. 

Pregnancy Options Include:

Medical Services Disclaimer: We do not provide ongoing prenatal or GYN care, birth control prescriptions, abortion services, or referral for abortion.

Adoption Discussion

Before you rule out adoption, get all of the facts. Open, semi-open, and closed adoption, help with expenses… there’s a lot to learn.

Making an adoption plan can open up a world of possibilities you may not have considered. It can be an emotional but a rewarding decision.

We are here to help you begin to explore this possibility and connect you with a qualified agency if you’d like to learn more.